What is it?

Bridge the Gap is a grassroots movement to financially support Bixby Public Schools. This campaign was started by a group of  parents that shared a vision to help our school district during this financial shortfall. BPS is expected to receive 1.7 million in less revenue for the 2016-2017 school year. Our goal is to replace as much as possible of the $1.7 million back into the budget of BPS.

The Bridge the Gap committee welcomes volunteers to help with this movement.  ALL Bridge the Gap proceeds will go directly to BPS.  Any overhead expenses required of the BTG Committee are covered by donations for the specific purpose.  No BTG donations to benefit the school shall be used for overhead expenses. 

The “202 Challenge” is a social media campaign to gain awareness about the Bridge the Gap campaign. The 202 is the amount of money per student BPS will be short next school year. The 202 is a goal per student, but any amount of donation is appreciated to help Bridge the Gap!

Below are some frequently asked questions about this campaign.

A: Yes, the Bixby Board of Education approved a pay cut for district and site level administrators for the 2016-17 school year.  Administrators effected by the pay cut, including those who work at Central Administration, such as the Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer, as well as those who work at the school sites, such as principals and assistant principals, were given the option to deduct the pay cut from their 2016-17 salary or deduct the equivalent amount of the pay cut from their pay checks on a monthly basis and make it payable to the Bridge the Gap program.  All administrators opted to give the amount of their pay cuts to the BTG program.
A: Yes, BTG is a special committee of BEEF, the Bixby Educational Endowment Foundation which is a 501(c)3.
A: No, State funding is not decided on private funds to schools. Many schools have received private donations to support various programs and projects.  Statewide Oklahoma elected officials have an Oklahoma Constitutional obligation to adequately fund public education.  Private donations cannot be used in the calculation of the state’s obligation.
A: No, BTG funds will go directly to the BPS general fund and will then be distributed to the greatest needs in the school district. The goal is to benefit the entire district in its Pre-K through 12th grade classrooms.
A: No, all BTG members are parent volunteers and receive no payments for their time or services.
A:  This would be a GREAT problem to solve!!!  If it happens, the school would carryover the excess funds into the FY18 year.
A: The Board of Education has approved $1.7 million in budget cuts for the 2016-17 school year.  No teaching positions were cut.  However, multiple layers of services to employees, families, and students were cut in the process of cutting 30 positions in the school system.  The budget cuts will remain in place if the gap remains.
A: We understand every financial situation is different. Please contact us at bridgethegapbixby@gmail.com to volunteer at one of our fundraising events.

Individuals are also encouraged to spread the word about the BTG campaign.